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I had the opportunity to obtain and review an interesting item that is often overlooked... a mattress. And after trying it out, looking it over, reviewing the literature and considering it's characteristics, I think it is worthy of a write-up.

The mattress I received and tried out was from Security Mattresses, the Median model (middle of the road model in both price and quality). They are mattresses developed for and marketed primarily to correctional facilities (prisons). However, the possible use and applications could have a wide range of applications, especially for the preparedness community.

They are made of two separate parts; the cover and the fiber core. The following is the specifications for the Median model, which is the one I tried out and reviewed.


  • Calendared, flexible, PVC film
  • Color - unobstructed clear window (for easily viewable condition and possible contamination)
  • Thickness 20 Mil (very thick and sturdy)
  • Anti-microbial (MRSA Resistant) and Anti-mildew
  • Abrasion Resistant - ASTM D3389-05: Over 6000 cycles (competitors advertise 190 cycles = 34 times more abrasion resistant)
  • Flex fatigue: house testing resulted in over 12 million flexes (competitors brag 1 million flexes)
  • Cleans with mild soap and water

Fiber Core

  • 4 inch, 1.5 lb per cubic ft
  • Recyclable, earth friendly, polyester fiber
  • Vertically oriented
  • Hypoallergenic

Fire resistant: 16 CFR 1633, 16 CFR 1632.4, CA TB 129, CA TB 121, IFC 805.3.2.2

Warranty = 8-year direct (workmanship & materials), no proration.

They are hermetically sealed with 100% lap seam. They are also resistant to bed bugs, which can be a very devastating burden in survival situations (or any situation). Thus, it offers a clean surface to allow full rest in all situations. When other mattresses may become contaminated with various issues (bed bugs, skin diseases, soilings, etc), these types of mattresses can be sterilized with basic soap and water and offer a sanitary environment for young children, elderly and sick individuals as well as everyone else. In other words, it decreases possible contaminations when doctors or medicine may be in short supply. It's a great proactive healthy solution.

They can also be cut (by the manufacturer) into whatever size is needed. So if you are wanting to use them in a cabin, tent trailer, on a cot, etc and want a specific size for perfect fit, this can be obtained. Usually the only other option for this would be cutting a piece of foam to be used as a sleeping pad. Now there is a more comfortable, sterile and long-term solution that won't break your bank acct. You can also get them with an integrated pillow (our test mattress didn't have one of these).

If the cover is somehow cut or damaged through an error on your part, they also offer replacement covers that you can put on yourself. This eliminates the need to purchase a whole new mattress, saving money long-term.

These mattresses also have a long life span. Even in the Ft. Leavenworth Military Prison, they have lasted for longer than 6 years. And given this type of location and the probable abuse they get, this is a very impressive lifespan.

Overall, I was very impressed with the mattress. It does have a specific use and is not for every situation. For instance, it isn't a mattress that can be rolled up and tied to a backpack. But if you own a cabin, motorhome, pop-up tent trailer, etc., this could be a great addition to your sleeping gear. Using these would eliminate the eery feeling you get when you lay down on a mattress that hasn't been tended to for weeks, months or years. And if accidents happen (either urine or other spills), it is easily cleaned up and like new. So if you're considering getting something like this for your own needs, check them out!

Enjoy the journey!

AZ Prepper

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