Ridgerunner Paracord Belts & Slings

I had the opportunity to try out a belt and rifle sling from Ridgerunner Belts. The following is my review...

First of all, I have to mention that I am a huge fan of paracord. I buy it by the roll and use it for everything. So the idea of a belt and rifle sling made out of paracord had me pretty excited. I'd been wanting them for a long time but never saw any that caught my eye.

When I received them, I was immediately impressed. The quality was top notch and very impressive. The weaves were tight, the connections were solid and the components were high quality. The ends were weaved together beautifully as well. In all, they were extremely well made.

The one point tactical sling is very comfortable and I was really happy with the feel. It has a shoulder pad and adjustable slide. It also comes with a quick release buckle that comes in handy for countless situations, including getting in and out of a vehicle. It attaches to the firearm with a high quality heavy duty steel clip. A good sling is hard to find without paying an arm and a leg. But this one was both comfortable and affordable. 

The belt was also better than expected. The tight knots make it sturdy and allowed its intended use without much play at all. And it's ability to adjust it's tightness in 1/4" increments allows for a perfect fit. They are made with around 90' to 100' of high quality paracord. This is a perfect item to have for any camper, hunter, prepper or someone just wanting to be prepared. And because it is used in place of something you'd be wearing anyways, it takes no extra space or weight. 

Overall, the sling and belt are a MUST HAVE! I can't recommend them enough and hope you get a chance to check them out!

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Enjoy the journey!

AZ Prepper

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