Surviving a Hostile City! Book 1 (Book Review)

I recently had the opportunity to read a great book called "Surviving A Hostile City! Book 1". On the cover it continues, "Learn how to store Food, Water, Medical Supplies and Defend your Home and Family!". The authors are Lorna Dare and Kent Alwood. It was recommended by a close friend of mine and I was happy to purchase it and read it for myself. 

Right at the beginning, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable read. It had a lot of interesting details and references that were not only extremely insightful, but quite interesting. This made it not only a great reference book, but an enjoyable read.

For a brief overview of the content, the following are the chapters within the book:

  1. Why Be Prepared?
  2. 72-hour Kit
  3. Food Storage
  4. Personal Choice: On Your Own or in a Group?
  5. Should I leave the City?
  6. Scavenging
  7. Medical
  8. Hiding in Plain Sight
  9. Gangs
  10. Gardening
  11. Raising Animals
  12. Hunting - Trapping
  13. Preparing Animals for Cooking
  14. Weaponry
  15. Fuel & Fuel Storage
  16. Currency
  17. Communications
  18. Transportation
  19. Nuclear - Chemical - Biological Attack
  20. Cannibalism

The first thing I realized about the book is how simple and straight forward it is. It is full of common sense, yet very insightful information that can be utilized in preparedness plans. The information provided is easy to understand for those just starting out in their preparedness plans, yet enough depth to give very useful insights and suggestions for even the most advanced preppers.

The authors go against many of the "popular" preppers that teach one way that isn't necessarily realistic. Too many authors glamorize how emergency situations play out. But Lorna Dare and Kent Alwood do a great job of explaining how thing will most likely play out based upon past personal experiences and past world-wide events. And as you read this book, you quickly realize that what they are saying is correct. And having a correct understanding of how things will most likely play out is critical in the most efficient prepping.

Also, it is important to understand that although there are many details and "how-to's" in the book, much of the information is there to lead the reader in the proper direction. For instance, the chapter on Medical does not go into medical and first aid procedures, but more into what exactly you're most likely going to be facing and what things you should focus your time learning about. They leave the training and details up to you, which is very smart. They go over what you should know and let you get that training from the appropriate sources. Too often an author will try to teach every detail, which takes away from the primary focus of the book.

However, chapters like the one on Food Storage go into great detail and even has an Appendix with more details. Not only how much to store, but other considerations including possible storage locations. Even for myself who has been very passionate about this subject for quite a while found it very insightful and learned a few new things.

Overall, I found this book to be one of the best ones I've read that reviews the basics of a variety of subjects with insights that most other preparedness books lack. It provides the important thoughts and considerations required to more efficiently prepare, particularly when dealing with a limited budget. It can save time and energy wasted on the learning curve. And it is also fairly short, at just under 100 pages, so it can be read fairly quickly so that the whole concept can stay in your head and can be read often. So keep your detailed books containing chapter upon chapter of food storage, recipes and nutrient content, but add this book to your library for a great overall understanding of the various components of Surviving A Hostile City!

If you are interested in getting this book, it can be found at

Enjoy the journey!

AZ Prepper

Note: I just received Book 2: Surviving Violence and will be doing another review of that one in the near future. These are the first books in a series of many going over various subject of great value. Book 2 adds another author, Kelly Alwood. Stay tuned!

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